“Old Partner”

This video is almost an hour and twenty minutes long and is in Korean with no subtitles.  I honestly couldn’t imagine watching it in its entirety so I started skimming it.  I ended up hooked and had to start it over to watch it all from the beginning.  I guarantee you will get more from it than whatever is on television tonight!  This is a wonderful documentary about a Korean couple, Mr. Choi Won-Kyun, his wife Lee Sam-Soon, and their faithful cow that they use to farm with in the mountains of Korea.  The couple are in their eighties and the cow is forty years old!  No that is not a typo.  She is forty years old!   Yes it is interesting as an ox enthusiast to see their cattle and equipment and to watch their methods but this is much bigger than that.   “Perseverance” keeps popping into my head as I watch it.  If you enjoy it, and I’m sure you will, then you can get the DVD which includes English subtitles.