Ox Hill Devons on Facebook     American Milking Devon Cattle Association  promotes the historic, and now rare, breed of cattle known as the American Milking Devon
It supports and encourages members of the Association who keep these cattle.
It maintains the official herd book of the breed and issues certificates of registration.
It gives guidance on and provides a forum for discussion of issues related to the breed.
It seeks to conserve the genetic stock and promote the viability of the triple-purpose milking-style Red Devon.

American Milking Devon Cattle Association on Facebook


New Hampshire 4-H working Steer Manual  This is an excellent resource free online.  The cow school’s focus is primarily aimed at: First, the training and placement of trained riding and show cattle. Second, the preservation and dissemination of knowledge. Third, networking and exchange of information from ox-drivers, cattle riders and cow trainers around the world

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