Don’t Cut Corners




When I first start working calves, my gee and haw turns are all sharp 90 degree turns.  Also, I think it is beneficial to stop the calf immediately before and after the turn.  This makes it easier for them to distinguish the commands and understand what you want them to do.  Never let the calf influence your path by pulling or crowding you.  Pick a line and stay with it.  That is one of many ways that cattle try to train the teamster.  Set goals when you are working.  For instance don’t be happy to just wander the yard.  Pick a precise route and follow it.  Pick ahead of time the places you will turn and stop and keep to your plan.  Later, when skidding logs or using a dump cart, do the same thing.  Don’t be happy to just dump a load in a general area.  Pick a particular spot and strive to place it exactly where you want it.  The more precision you expect the more you will get.